Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

Educational Construction Series

This series of craft projects was designed to introduce the use of basic craft tools to build a kit that is action filled when finished. Each kit illustraste by doing, such as the many methods of using motor power to activate a model while teaching the fundamentals of mechanics using transportation.

This prehistoric giant is recreated in a fun and easy-to-build kit. The gear box is prebuilt and it includes a RE-140 motor. The combination of crank arm and link rod make the well-balanced walking motion possible, while also moving its head and tail. The body parts are made from precut wood with pre-drilled holes for flawless assembly.

Motor: RE-140
Gear Box: Crank arm, pre-built
Body: Pre-cut wood
Length: 285mm, Width: 78mm, Height: 165mm
2 x AA batteries not included.