Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

A legend since itís debut in 1984, the Hornet has a huge fan base and many driverís first introduction to the world of radio control assembly kits. Still a favourite, fans can now get a comical version, a twist on the classic. The fun Hornet-inspired body is molded in lightweight and durable polycarbonate, with stickers and masking stickers included. The light cases are compatible with separately-sold 5mm diameter LEDs. The newly designed T-shirted driver figure can be decorated with a choice of visor or chin guard for the helmet and stickers that include five different eye designs.

The WR-02CB chassis is an exciting chassis at home on- and off-road, providing smooth driving and the potential for exciting wheelies. It features a pre-assembled gearbox with motor already attached to save hassle in the assembly process. Long suspension arms and CVA oil dampers make for excellent off-road performance, while underguard and side guards give great protection. A rear wheelie bar helps support the model when it leans back, maintaining a fun wheels-in-the air stance as the model plunges forward. Orange and white 2-piece wheels are joined by bubble tires (front: ribbed, rear: round block) for a fun look and drive.

The polycarbonate body with sticker design based on the original Hornet. Features a durable monocoque centerpiece and inline battery pack position, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and 2-piece steering tie-rod set up. Suspension arms feature multiple damper attachment holes for easily adjustable performance. Oil-filled CVA Mini shock units provide superb cushioning, even on rough off-road surfaces. Orange and white 2-piece wheels use bubble tires (front: ribbed, rear: round block)

Includes headlight cases, allowing installation of separately sold 5mm LEDs. Also includes wheelie bar.


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