Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

TThis 1:18 scale radio control dual rider trike model is the second on the Tamiya T3-01 chassis series. The brand new 1-piece polycarbonate body features a sleek, futuristic blade-like design. The figure has movable hands that fit to the bar or steering wheel and includes a choice of headgear.

When the model turns, the 3-wheel chassis "leans" into the corner much like their full-size counterparts. The 3-wheel chassis features the motor in the rear section with the battery in the front. The sections are linked in the middle, and a steering servo leans the entire front section left and right to effect turns. Support arms are linked to the steering servo which aids to right the model if it happens to tip over.

The T3-01 chassis is comprised of front (with R/C equipment and power source) and rear sections. The servo action tilts the front, causing the model to lean into turns. A planetary gear is integrated into the rear axle for smooth power. Features telescopic front fork suspension and a rear cam-slide setup, for a smooth ride. Support arms move with the steering servo, and help the model right itself if it overturns.

Includes a Type 370-size motor. Separately sold Item 51610 T3-01 Battery Case allows use of 4 AA batteries to power the chassis.


799-57407   * STAR UNIT DUAL RIDER T3-01