Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

The German WWII self-propelled gun Howitzer Hummel was designed to fulfill the demand for mobile artillery support for German tank units. It’s name translates to “bumblebee” and was based upon the Geschützwagen III/IV (also used on the Nashorn). It sported an L/30 15cm howitzer and an open top fighting compartment. Designed in 1942, Hummels debuted on the Eastern Front in 1943. They were also seen in North-West Europe and Italy in the latter half of WWII.

Tamiya’s 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit captures captures the Hummel form with thin fighting compartment armor and late production integrated driving compartment. Features completely new molded parts for upper hull, fighting compartment, gun, and more (lower hull and road wheels are those from the Nashorn kit (Item 35335). Late production tracks are depicted with assembly parts using one-piece straight sections, offering highly realistic depictions of upper run "sag."

Includes 3 brand new figures, accessories, recreating rounds, cases, two marking options and more.

Separately sold metal gun barrel detail-up parts enhance the realism of the model further!