Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

This special 10th anniversary edition of the LiteHawk XL Helicopter features auto take-off, hover and landing technology. The chassis features a brilliant red anodized paint scheme while the canopy is emblazoned with a 10 year collectorís logo. Itís the perfect indoor/outdoor helicopter for beginners and seasoned pilots. As pilots gain their flight experience, multiple performance modes may be activated. Built tough, the LiteHawk XL features a CNC metal chassis with an aluminum frame. Metal prop shafts and impact resistant ball joints.

Uses 2.4 GHz technology that eliminates frequency worries about frequency interference and allows improved flight distance. Twin props ensure maximum stability and ease of flight.

Includes an A/C wall-plug charger.

Technical support and replacement parts are available at

Ages 8yrs+.


285-31339   LITEHAWK XL 10TH ANNY