Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.

The Litehawk RANGER is the remote control toy that can go just about anywhere. Two Fan motors propels the hovercraft as it easily skim across smooth ground surfaces or over water and even on snow and ice! The unique controller can expand to hold your smartphone so that drivers can view live-stream action input from its on-board camera. Features real rubber skirts for durability.

Rear mount motors start up the instant you turn on the hovercraft. Watch as RANGER rises off the ground and into a "floating" position, ready for action.

Factory Assembled and ready to run. Although a phone is not required to operate the RANGER, the controller is designed with an accordion style panel to mount a phone should you choose.

Includes a NIMH battery and charger. The package is re-usable so that RANGER can safely be stored after play.

The FPV (First Person View), in this case the view from inside the cockpit of your LiteHawk RANGER, the use of a phone is required. The live stream connection is through your device’s WIFI and does not use cellular data. The range or distance of the live stream view will vary but expect a maximum of 75ft.